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Past events

An evening of art and science, with artist Kerry Brewer and neuroscientist Colin Blakemore presented by The Journal of Wild Culture

16 Sep 2013

Joining Brewer to talk about her work is acclaimed neurobiologist Colin Blakemore, Professor of Neuroscience and Philosophy at the University of London. Perception is at the heart of the work of both Brewer and Blakemore, and this is a unique opportunity to discuss the overlaps between two apparently very different approaches to the subject.

17 Sep 2013

'On stage, the piece was played in a weird gallery-like space. The stage furniture was a bench and at the back of the space was a reproduction of an amazing painting by the artist Kerry Brewer. Her work offers the briefest glimpses into the shadows and twists in our reality; you shouldn’t think of them as pictures but as spells.' Ben Moor.

A live music performance with the work of Kerry Brewer

26 Sep 2013

Mary Hampton’s music is simple, often sparse, with lyrics which are by turn visceral, ethereal, abstract and straightforward.

The paintings are for watching and observing over time. What lurks within the dark spaces beneath deep pools,
emerges and disappears as the light changes. What is first seen evolves, growing and shifting, revealing more, pulling you in, inebriating and consuming you to a place familiar
and strange at the same time.

The audience were invited to take a seat to watch the paintings, while Hampton's voice weaved among them.

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